Save Ligpo Cavern



SAVE LIGPO CAVERN.pagesLigpo Cavern is one of the most popular dive sites in Anilao. It is an important site for the diving community as it is one of only a few natural caverns in the Anilao strip. It has a 2 meter opening and the inside is about 3 x 4 meters. It tapers upwards to a 1×1 meter hole like a chimney upwards to a shallow area of about 5 meters allowing natural light and fish to enter the cavern. It is an attraction to divers because it can also allow penetration (with up to even 2-3 divers inside it) from the 10-12 meter deep opening up into the shallows opening up to a soft coral garden.

Permanent residents in and around the cavern include giant frogfishes, giant grouper, the unique electric clam considered a rare find across most of asia pacific diving, special nudibranches such as facelinas, lobsters and sharks.


Bauan, Batangas along Balayan Bay. Accessed through San Luis, Balite, Batangas.


One of the few natural caverns in the Anilao diving strip that allows diver penetration. Featured as a 4 STAR dive spot in the twice published book DIVE SITES OF THE PHILIPPINES. Features unique marine life, soft coral gardens with densely populated with fan corals, tubastrea corals and other important species.