A two and a half hour bus ride, rental car or coach drive through lush countryside. We meet you upon arrival at the airport or pick you up from you hotel and transport you to Batangas. A Divers Sanctuary private boat will take you to the resort.
The resort located in Brgy Locloc, San Pablo, Bauan Batangas along Balayan Bay and two and a half hours drive from Manila through South Super Highway on scenic Tagaytay passing through the town of Lemery, Taal and San Luis.

Your drive takes you through the scenic view of Tagaytay and you will have a spectacular view of a volcano (Taal Volcano) within a volcano and a lake within a lake! This route is lined with fruit vendors where you can buy some of the most exotic fruit you can dream of. As you descend from the surrounding hills to the lakeshore you can experience the tranquility of the neighbouring towns.
Parking signage for Bauan Divers Sanctuary is displayed in Barangay Balete.
We also pick up guests from anywhere in Luzon for a small fee. Please be aware that advance booking is required.

We look forward to extending warm hospitality to you and ensuring that your holiday remains memorable for all the right reasons.

Develop a hobby come on diving,kayaking,underwater clean up,culture trips,snorkelling,watching sunset,culture trips,trekking,fact finding, marine conservation,defending our ocean and take action anywhere you live in the globe..Eco Projects and Eco Diving At Divers SanctuaryThis aims to show the magnificent Beauty of our Batangas Diving sites, without affecting the people’s life and their environment.

The local people receive full participation in the development process and create new sources of income.
You are welcome to visit our Diving House reef, but are asked to understand and cooperate with the local people. This way, you can help preserving their culture and nature!

The main goals of this project are:
– To conserve the nature reserve, its diverse ecosystem and its wildlife through tourism;
– To reduce the exploitation of natural resources such as dynamite fishing, spearfishing,pollution by educating the local people and creating alternative livelihood/income opportunities;
– To raise funds for infrastructure, divesite management, maintenance and improvement of divesites facilities;
– To create general public awareness on Marine Endangered Species and their contribution to tourism industry, the importance and benefits of waste management, environtmental friendly fishing method, recycling,composting using renewable energy for lights and water heating;
Furthermore, the money you spent on Sanctuary fees (which allows you to enter the reserve/dive sites) contributes to the conservation of the underwater marine life and coastal areas . Therefore, you money is well spent: you are participating in the development of rural communities and conservation of Balayan Bay/San Pablo/Locloc Dive Sites.

Make sure your dive doesn’t destroy what you’ve come to see

It’s a privilege to be able to enter and experience the magical underwater world. However coral reefs around the world are under extreme threat, and if we want to ensure that our kids can enjoy the same wonderful experiences then we need to dive responsibly.